Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why write?

As always, it's difficult to follow Adam. No matter how little he tries, it's always something of a tour de force.

First, I am not blogging because it’s the natural consummation of years of experience and expertise. In fact, I am writing here for two reasons: 1) It is an incredible opportunity to be a part of anything with Adam and 2) I am interested in further understanding, articulating, and sharing the stories and ideas that are shaping my worldview and moving me toward political, social, and economic justice in the world.

I have always found that I learn the most about myself and about the world around me when I am writing. That being said, this blog is not about myself nor is it about Adam. For me, it’s about the power of the dialectic, of synthesis, of an awakening through mutual encouragement and challenge. We will be discovering our stories and worldviews together by weaving a new dialogue that includes, but is not limited to, music, politics, religion, economics, and society. I expect that through this process I will be learning, contributing, and having fun; I am not sure what more I could ask for.

Adam’s story above about the role his older brother played in his life closely parallels the role that Adam has played in my life, for which I am most grateful. Adam is responsible for awakening and releasing a latent musicality in me during what have proved to be the most formative years of my life. His deep earnestness, fullness, profound insight, genuine playfulness, and undying romanticism are infectious and always make for spirited company, lively discussion, and most importantly, an ideal partner in crime. Adam has always stood with me in defying social norms and embarking down roads of uncertainty, and I am now thrilled to be standing with him in this project. I certainly cannot think of a better co-conspirator.

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